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In 2015-2016, Ricky and Jill, along with New Mexico local lawyers, represented a family involved in an unnecessary and tragic crash on I-40 outside of Moriarty, New Mexico. A family was stopped in traffic due to a crash ahead when an 18-wheeler towing a trailer owned by and full of contents from a big-box retail store slammed into them. The driver of the 18-wheeler tractor-trailer combo was driving on a suspended license at the time of the crash, in blizzard conditions, with no functioning speedometer or windshield wiper. On our clients’ behalf Ricky and Jill sued the driver of the tractor-trailer combination, the owner of the 18-wheeler tractor, the owner of the trailer, and the broker who coordinated the trip. Our clients received a significant confidential pre-trial settlement. Due to the terms of the settlement agreement, the amount of the settlement and parties involved must be kept confidential.

Jill obtained a NOT GUILTY in a local high profile criminal matter in August 2016. Donald Lankford, City of Rusk Fire Chief, was accused of assaulting a teenager after a passenger in the teenager’s vehicle threw a lit firework at Donald’s fireworks stand where he, his daughter, and a customer were standing. The two teenagers took the witness stand to tell their story. The jury took less than 1 hour to find Donald Lankford NOT GUILTY of assault.

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Ricky and Jill are currently representing a woman who was a passenger on her husband's motorcycle who was injured when a brand new 18 wheeler truck driver crossed three lanes of traffic and made a left turn directly into our client's motorcycle's path. The 18 wheeler's bumper hit our client's knees causing the motorcycle to fall and her significant injuries. She received two broken knees and had to have surgery. She could not stand or walk.

To add insult to injury, for weeks, she had to use the bathroom in the shower because she could not bend to get on a toilet. Her entire life, and her husband's life, were flipped upside down due to this brand new "fresh" 18 wheeler driver who admits that if he were making the same trip today, he would not have made the turn where he did and when he did. This case was set for trial in the Fall of 2016. This case settled at court-ordered mediation for a confidential sum.

Jill and Ricky represented a victim of sexual assault and physical abuse at the YMCA in Palestine. The parties resolved the case in a confidential settlement.

In 2016, Ricky and Jill represented the mother of her 12 year old son who was murdered by a taxi driver right outside of Shreveport, Louisiana. Brian Horn, the taxi driver, has been convicted of 1st degree murder and is on death row at Angola in Louisiana for his crime. Horn was a convicted felon and registered sex offender. In caps on his driver’s license appeared the words "SEXUAL OFFENDER". The City of Shreveport gave him a taxi permit. A taxi company - Action Taxi - allowed Brian Horn to drive an Action Taxi. David McFarlin, owner of Action Taxi, personally interviewed Horn. In a deposition taken on death row, Horn said that McFarlin was aware of his background and simply didn't care.

On that fateful night, Horn began texting Justin pretending to be a young girl. Justin was spending the night at a friend's house and texting with the young girl (or so he thought). Horn lured Justin into the cab under the pretense that he was bringing Justin to the girl. Justin had refused several times to get into a vehicle with someone else, and refused to walk down the street to get into a vehicle, until it was a cab and it was near the driveway of his friend’s home. Justin got in the cab - though no one in the home where he was staying knew because they were all asleep. Horn murdered Justin by smothering him and then placed Justin’s body in a muddy pool of water, face down. Horn was out of prison for his most recent violent sexual assault from 2007 to 2010. Within 15 days of being provided the protection of a taxi cab, he lured and murdered Justin.

On the mother’s behalf, we sued the City of Shreveport, McFarlin (owner of Action Taxi), and Action Taxi. The City of Shreveport settled in a confidential settlement months before trial. Richards Penn was set to go to trial on Monday February 1, 2016 but were able to settle with McFarlin and Action Taxi that day. The mother's main goal throughout the litigation was always to ensure this type of thing does not happen to anyone else. Ricky and Jill are so proud to have represented this mother. This case was not ever about money, but about the ability to get Justin's story out, to get Justin's law passed (it has passed in Louisiana, Texas, and Oklahoma so far) and to get out knowledge of the real risks of getting in a cab with the limited regulations regarding driver's backgrounds.

Please do an Internet search to learn more about Justin’s law and the Justin Bloxom Alliance for Innocence. Details of settlement and background are at these two links:

Settlement reached in Bloxom civil lawsuit

Murder victim's mother gets apology as part of unusual settlement terms

Jill Penn and Ricky Richards have also recently resolved numerous car crash cases for confidential amounts. In all those cases, Richards T Penn makes sure that their clients are satisfied with their results, and particularly make sure that their clients' medical bills are paid in full and to leave the clients with as much money in their pockets to pay them for their pain and suffering after the payment of all bills, fees, and expenses.

Ricky Richards and Jill Penn are currently representing several individuals who have been involved in car accidents across the state.

In 2013, Ricky Richards, Jill Penn, and Eric Penn, along with New Mexico local attorneys, represented the families of two men - brothers and pillars of their community – in a wrongful death case where the men were tragically killed when a driver of an eighteen wheeler owned by a cement company slammed into the back of our client’s vehicle, without ever even applying the brakes. At the time the driver was hired by the company, the driver did not have a valid commercial driver’s license. The widows and children of these two great men received a confidential eight figure settlement before payment of attorneys’ fees, expenses, and costs.

The firm was involved in what is believed to be the largest birth injury settlement in Texas. In spite of medical malpractice caps on damages, the firm worked to get our client an 8 figure confidential settlement for a birth injury sustained to a child.

In March 2012, Jill Penn and Ricky Richards obtained a judgment in the amount of $4,016,801.95 in a breach of fiduciary duty case. There, the defendant and the plaintiff (our client) were members of an LLC. The defendant diverted corporate opportunities of the joint LLC to another LLC that was owned wholly by the Defendant. After trial, the jury found that the defendant was guilty of breach of fiduciary duty to the plaintiff, breach of contract with the plaintiff, and conversion. The jury also awarded our client all of his attorneys’ fees spent in the matter. This verdict was the second largest business law verdict in the State of Texas for 2012.

In February 2012, Ricky Richards and Jill Penn obtained a judgment in the amount of $1,195,021.00 against a man who swindled our client out of money by setting up a false cattle operation and pretending to run the same all the while spending our client’s money on himself instead of the cattle business.

In early 2014, Ricky Richards and Jill Penn successfully resolved a case resulting in a confidential six figure sum to our client after payment of attorneys’ fees, medical bills, and expenses. There, our client was injured when she was viciously attacked by a pit bull. She suffered significant injuries and emotional trauma. But at the hands of our experienced trial attorneys, our client was compensated for her terrible injury.

In late 2014, Ricky Richards and Jill Penn obtained a confidential 6 figure settlement on behalf of an injured employee who fell from a roof while working a construction job.

In early 2014, Ricky Richards and Jill Penn resolved a case where we represented four individuals who were involved in a head-on collision in McMullen County, Texas. After attorney’s fees, expenses, and costs, the clients received, in total, a confidential six-figure settlement. There, an oil-field employee was driving a truck owned by one company while he was employed by another company. The driver crossed the center line and hit our client’s vehicle, causing our client’s truck to flip and resulting in serious injuries.

Representative Cases - R.W. (Ricky) Richards

Representative Cases - Jill Penn

  • Oscar Private Equity Investments, Et. Al. v. Royce Holland and Anthony Parella, Defendants, No. 3:03-CV-2761-K, 2010 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 14322 (N.D. Tex. May 12, 2010)
  • Hoss v. Alardin, Sitewatch LLC d/b/a Sitewatch Systems Et. Al., 338 S.W.3d 635 (Tex. App. – Dallas 2011, no pet. h.)
  • Encompass Office Solutions, Inc. v. Ingenix, Inc., UnitedHealth Group, Inc. and United Healthcare Services, Inc. , 775 F. Supp. 2d 938 (E.D. Tex. 2011)
  • In re Estate of Isaacs, No. 12-10-00048-CV, 2012 Tex. App. LEXIS 1173 (Tex. App. – Tyler February 15, 2012) (released for publication April 2012), pet. denied, No. 12-0249, 2013 Tex. LEXIS 208 (March 8, 2013)
  • Bradberry v. Bridges, No. 2-12-00098-cv, 2012 Tex. App. LEXIS 9009 (October 31, 2012, pet. filed 2/27/13)(released for publication December 2012)
  • Bradberry v. Bentley, No. 12-12-00121, 2012 Tex. App. LEXIS 6502 (Tex. App. – Tyler August 8, 2012, no pet.)
  • In re: Michael Bradberry, Relator, No. 12-12-00162, 2012 Tex. App. LEXIS 6501 (Tex. App. – Tyler August 8, 2012, no pet.) (released for publication September 2012)

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