Tips and Tricks

The importance of contacting our firm as quickly as possible after a wreck cannot be understated. If you suspect that the insurance companies have a full team heading out immediately after a wreck to obtain evidence, you are right! Don’t let the insurance companies beat you to the punch. This is especially true in car wrecks and truck accidents involving commercial motor vehicles like 18-wheelers and tractor trailers.

The drivers are usually given a phone number to call when they are in a wreck. In almost every case, the insurance company for those 18-wheeler drivers and trucking companies sends out a team with investigators to get all of the evidence after the wreck or accident that they believe will help them pay you the lowest amount of money they can get away with paying.

You need someone who is actually on YOUR side doing the same thing. That is where our lawyers and team at Richards Penn come in. Our lawyers have many years of experience in these types of cases. We have a team of investigators who are ready at a moment’s notice to head out to the scene of a crash to investigate, take pictures, talk to witnesses, and preserve evidence.

If for some reason, you are not able to reach us very quickly, you should take or have someone else take as many pictures as possible while you or your car or truck is at the scene of the car accident or wreck to preserve the images. You can rest assured that the other side’s insurance company or driver is doing so.

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